YouTube Design Internship


Summer 2017


San Bruno, CA


UI/UX, prototyping, competitive analysis, user research, usability testing


Sketch, Framer, Material Design


At the start of summer 2017, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area for the first time! I joined the YouTube Live & Gaming teams as a UX Engineer Intern, where I got to work alongside an awesome team of interaction designers, UX researchers, engineers, and product managers. During my internship, I worked on features that empower users with opportunities for emotive self-expression and engagement with creators.

My NDA restricts me from discussing more specifics about the features I worked on until they are launched, but I'm glad to talk about my experience at a high level.

The UX Engineer Role

It's easy for details to get lost in translation between design and engineering, so Google created the UX Engineer role to bridge this gap. At Google, UX Engineers are hybrids between interaction designers and frontend engineers who consider design and technical feasibility in parallel. Within the UX Engineering organization, there is a design emphasis and an engineering emphasis.

UX Engineer

As a UX Engineer with a design emphasis, I had the opportunity to design, prototype, and test early concepts. I first designed mobile and web interfaces using Sketch, and then built interactive prototypes using Framer. After completing several prototypes, I collaborated with a UX researcher to design and execute a short research study, which was published internally near the end of my internship.


I gave a brief presentation about my internship at the 2017 Tanner Conference at Wellesley College, reflecting on the summer and discussing some key takeaways. My full slide deck is here.