Feb - Dec 2017




12 organizers


WHACK, the Wellesley College hackathon, is an inclusive and diverse event where collegiate hackers come together for a weekend to learn, build, and share. As 2017 Co-Director of WHACK, I led a team of organizers across design, logistics, engineering, social media, and corporate outreach to organize the largest-ever WHACK. You can check out our website here!


36 hours of hacking (12 more than previous years)
300 hackers (3x more than previous years)
$40k in fundraising (4x more than previous years)
16 corporate sponsors
50+ mentors


We built a simple custom website with the goal of communicating the essence of what WHACK all about: fun, creativity, community, and promoting an atmosphere in tech that is welcoming to beginners. After designing the logo, illustrations, and layout, I collaborated with the engineering team to implement and test the responsive frontend. To date, the site has been visited over 9k times!

Live links: home page & day of website

— Desktop —

— Mobile —

Email Campaigns

We used MailChimp to design beautiful email campaigns, create custom mailing lists, and track campaign analytics.

College students receive tons of emails every day. To help WHACK emails stand out in a sea of other messages, we used fun emojis in our subject lines.


As part of our sponsorship and mentor outreach efforts, we created a variety of branded letters like this one.

Social Media

From Snapchat filters to Instagram Stories, we made sure that word about WHACK got out! We posted periodic announcements and updates on hackathon organizing leading up to WHACK, and posted frequent live updates during the 36-hour hackathon.


To optimize our social media banner across different platforms, we created banners in custom dimensions for Twitter, Facebook, and Devpost.

Open Graph

We used open graph tags to optimize our website for sharing across all social media platforms. The image contains a strong call to action to register for hackathon.

Sticker Pack

Between everyone on the team, we had countless stickers with company logos and slogans harvested from tech events just sitting in our drawers and old pencil pouches. The reason? Real estate on our laptops and notebooks is limited, and we only wanted to use the most unique and interesting stickers. How can we design a sticker that people will love and remember?

After some brainstorming, we got the idea of creating a sticker pack featuring WHACK's mascot, Jeff the Giraffe. Jesslyn, my Co-Director and talented artist, sketched out some initial ideas, which I then iterated on, vectorized, and colored. We were thrilled with the final printed result, thanks to StickerGiant!

sticker sketch

Jesslyn's sketch (right) and my final vector (left).

sticker sheet
sticker sheet
sticker sheet

More Swag

Great work by Jee Lee, my wonderful co-designer and organizing team member. Organizers and volunteers wore a white shirt so they could be easily identified if anyone had questions.

— T-shirts —

hacker shirt
organizer shirt

— Photo Backdrop —

photobooth banner

Moments from WHACK Fall 2017

You can check out all the photos on Facebook and see all the projects on Devpost.