Microsoft UI/UX Design Internship

12 weeks of designing, developing, and demoing


Summer 2016


Cambridge, MA


UWP Design Guidelines


After working at a financial institution the previous summer and realizing that a creative environment would be a better fit for me, I started learning UX and graphic design in my free time. Through a combination of luck and effort, I landed a design internship with Microsoft the summer of my sophomore year.

I was one of four designers in a cohort of 40 students at the Microsoft Garage in Cambridge, MA. An entrepreneurial spirited internship by design, each team was tasked with ideating, designing, developing, and testing a new product in only 12 weeks. I worked on two different products with two teams. We used an agile scrum development process, which included sprint planning, careful feature prioritization, and constant iteration.

VSTS + Slack Chat Bot

Helping developer teams collaborate on code, right where their conversations are


6 developers
1 designer


Conversational UI, branding, landing page, onboarding flow, user testing, project management


We built an intelligent Slack bot that integrates with Visual Studio Team Services in order to help developer teams collaborate more efficiently and effectively. I designed the branding, landing page, signup and authentication flow, onboarding experience, and personality of the bot.

Additionally, I was responsible for formally demoing to key stakeholders at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, WA, which involved crafting a compelling story around the product and designing many slidedeck iterations. This project presented a unique opportunity to develop some communication design chops! Due to my NDA, I cannot discuss more specifics around this project.

Project Santorini

A fun and engaging way of revisiting photo memories


6 developers
2 designers


Ideation, competitive analysis, low and hi-fidelity mockups, sign up flow, user testing


Project Santorini is a photo application that evokes nostalgia and the thrill of re-discovering special moments. As a Universal Windows Platform application, it is compatible with mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

My role as a designer including doing a competitive analysis of the photo application landscape, creating storyboards and wireframes, conducting user research interviews, and working with the engineers to prioritize bugs and features. I had the opportunity to collaborate with another design intern in Cambridge as well as several Program Managers and UX Designers in Redmond, WA. My team successfully navigated Microsoft's launch process (which includes legal, accessibility, and other reviews), and launched a beta version of the app!

A shoutout from CEO Satya Nadella! 😲